Broad Ripple Art & Design

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painters, sculptors, furniture builders, stone masons, the list goes on . . .

We have some basic criteria for the artists we work with - we look for originality, quality, and consistency of work. We also look for fun and interesting people who like what they do and approach their work in a professional manner. All of these fine artists and artisans exceed our expectations every day.

Doug Arnholter, co-owner
Teri Barnett, co-owner
Barry Barnes
Carol Boarman
Amy Brier
Catherine Burris
Lydia Burris
James B. Campbell
Andy Chen
Circle City Copperworks
Carol Clendening
Casey Jo Ailes
D DelReverda-Jennings
Andrea Eberbach
David Engelking
Ric Epley
Forward Fabrication
Todd Fox
Marianne Glick
Sean Gray
Sylvia Gray
Elizabeth Guipe-Hall
Susan Hodgin
Julie Houck
Curtis Hyde
Sofiya Inger
Joyce K. Jensen
Amy Kindred
Bruce Loewenthal
Jeff Martin
McGuire Scenic
Lynne Medsker
Mark Medsker
Quincy Owens
John Pleak
William Denton Ray
Evan Rogers
Jeffrey Rothenberg
Joani Rothenberg
Dane Sauer
Catherine Schlebecker
Greg Seagrave
Susan Semenick
Paul Siebenthal
Judie Sloan
Taylor Anne Smith
Sweitzer & Sweitzer
Michael Swolsky
Patrick Titzer
Kate Wagner
Nanette Winter
Sarah Vanderkleed

Broad Ripple Art & Design is a virtual business physically located in a tan bungalow in the South Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis. We are always open by appointment. What can we help you create?